Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Flash Player beta version

There is a new beta version of Flash Player 9 we just released.

Why is this significant? You'll notice when looking at the binary that the version went from a 'b' to an 'r' build designation which is traditionally a sign that we are close to being done. The actual version number of this beta build is "9.0 r2", the previous beta build was "9.0 b296". I will not give word on actual release dates, since I really do not know.

But at this point in time we will only fix absolutely critical issues and I invite everyone to make sure a last time that no older content is broken and that things work as you expect them to.

This might also be a good time to fix your detection scripts to allow Flash Player 9 on your sites. We have been encountering numerous sites blocking out Flash Player 9 (same procedure as with Flash Player 8 or even Flash Player 7) which can make testing quite difficult.